The EIP service provides primary and secondary prevention care services to a specific age group(17-35years) who suffer or at risk for psychosis for the first time.

Specifically, the EIP service;

1. Detect psychosis early

2. Institutes aggressive interventions to reduce the duration of a psychotic episode

3. Focuses on improving biological, psychological and social outcomes during and following onset of psychosis.

4. Provides timely and effective intervention appropriate to the early phase of psychosis to accelerate remission and prevent relapse

5. Maximizes family, social, educational and work functioning.

6. Minimizes complications of psychosis e.g. stigma, depression, suicide risk.

The EIP adopts a multidisciplinary approach to management which involves a team of psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, clinical psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist, and behavioral family therapists.

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