Emergency Psychiatry exists to identify and/or treat acute symptoms of psychiatric conditions. It usually encompasses crisis stabilization of many serious and potentially life-threatening conditions which could include acute or chronic mental disorders or symptoms similar to those conditions. The individualized care needed for patients utilizing psychiatric emergency services is evolving, requiring an always changing and sometimes complex treatment approach.


We provide the following services and are open 24 hours daily and every day of the week:

• Assessment of patients’ problems (emergencies and all patients presenting for the first time)

• Implementation of a short-term treatment plan.

• Procure a 24-hour holding area.

• Present an opportunity to keep the patient for observation and short term care when needed within 48-72hrs.

• Psychiatric and medical care of acutely ill patients in the high density wards (patients may be violent, suicidal, substance use and intoxication, with hazardous drug interactions, severe anxiety states, post-traumatic stress disorder)

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