Medical Imaging/Radiodiagnosis

Medical Imaging/Radiodiagnosis Services are provide by the following Units in FNPH Benin as follows:


The X-ray unit renders diagnostic services (that is X-ray of all parts of the body and routine X-ray investigations) to both the hospital patients and the general public. X-ray services for diagnosis include the follows:

1. Skull X-ray
2. Chest X-ray
3. Abdominal X-ray
4. Cervical spine or Neck X-ray
5. Hand or Finger X-ray
6. Foot X-ray
7. Leg X-ray
8. Sinuses
9. Knee
10. Ankle
11. Wrist or Elbow
12. Forearm
13. Shoulder
14. Humerus


Basic diagnostic services are rendered to both the hospital's patients and the general public using state of the art computerized EEG machine to trace and analyse brain wave activities.
Some of the areas of EEG investigations/diagnoses done include the follows:
1. Epilepsy/Seizures
2. Head injury/Brain damage
3. Tumour
4. Migraine
5. Fainting attacks/blackouts
6. Cerebral palsy
7. Infantile convulsion
8. Cerebro-Vascular Accident (CVA)
9. Dementia
10. Autism

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