Our Pharmacy, operating from the two premises of the Hospital, provides a wide range of quality, effective, safe, and affordable drugs, as well as other pharmaceutical services for patients' health-related needs.

Services are rendered on a round-the-clock daily schedule Pharmaceutical services which are geared towwards the attainment of optimal care and successful treatment outcomes for our clients, include the following:

1. Dispensing of quality medicines to out-patients and in-patients.

2. Comprehensive patient counselling and health promotion

3. Ensuring the procurement of effective, safe and affordable medicines, and inventory management.

4. Implementing effective, modern, inventory control of pharmaceuticals

5. Providing appropriate drug handling and storage conditions.

6. Undertaking quality assurance checks on drugs.

7. Compounding of formulations.

8. Operating Pharmocovigilance (medication safety reporting) and the quality use of medicines.

9. Running a Drug Information Service (DIS).

10. Providing drug coverage for NHIS and for General Medical Services in the Hospital.

11. Acting as zonal depot for innovator brand pharmaceuticals for sales to other hospitals.

12. Providing pharmacy consultancy services.

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