Our History

  • created by an Act of parliament in 1963

    Amongst the pioneer staff of this hospital were five (5) Nurses and six (6) Ward Orderlies who were working at the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta, headed by Late James Omo Obaseki, who was a Senior Nursing Superintendent.

  • The Nervous Diseases Clinic started in 1964

    In 1964, the old Iyekuselu District Council Maternity/Dispensary located in Uselu was acquired by the Mid-Western regional Government and the Psychiatric Unit moved in and was named Nervous Diseases Clinic, Uselu. With the three (3) dilapidated buildings acquired, it gave accommodation to eight (8) in-patients and rendered out-patients services for both psychiatric and physical ailments.

  • 7th December 1964 under the supervision of Dr. N.O. Azinge

    The hospital which became popularly known as Uselu Clinic took off on Monday, 7th December 1964 under the supervision of Dr. N.O. Azinge, a specialist physician in the absence of any Psychiatrist. This was the only Psychiatric hospital in the mid-western region (later Bendel State and now Edo State).

  • In 1968, Dr. Ayo Binite (later Professor) - first Consultant Psychiatrist

    In 1968, Dr. Ayo Binite (later Professor) now (Late) was appointed the first Consultant Psychiatrist for the hospital. He was in charge of the hospital between 1968 and 1973, during which period the foundation of the development of psychiatric services in the hospital, as we know it today, was laid.

  • In October 1975, the Federal Military Government took over the hospital...

    ..from the then Bendel State Government. An Interim Management Board for Neuro-Psychiatric Hospitals under the Federal Ministry of Health was inaugurated in 1977 and the name Nervous Diseases Clinic, Uselu, was changed to Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Uselu, Benin City.

  • In 1979

    The name was again changed to Psychiatric Hospital Uselu, Benin City by Decree No.92 of 1979 which established the Psychiatric Hospital Management Board. The name again changed to Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital as it is now known today.

  • In 2012

    Dr. S. O. Olotu took over as Medical Director of the Hospital and led for 8 years


    Late Professor Ayo Binitie

    1968 - 1973

    Dr. F. O. A. Okhomina

    1973 - 1985

    Dr. R. O. F. Agidee

    1987 - 1995

    Dr. R. O. Osahon

    1995 - 2003

    Dr. (Mrs.) O. F. Ihenyen

    2003 - 2011

    Dr. G. O. EZE (Acting)

    Nov 2011 - 2012

    Dr. S. O. Olotu

    March 2012 - March 2020

    Dr. I. O. Agbonile

    March 2020 - Date

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